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Eyelash Extensions Las Vegas and allergic reactions: Allergic reaction or allergy to eyelash extensions? Yes, this is possible. It is rare but it can happen. A reaction or irritation is more likely to be due to poor application of the eyelash extensions than to actual eyelash extension lashes or adhesive. In almost 8 years of doing eyelash extensions we have serviced over 3000 clients and have seen 6 allergic reactions.


Here are the top issues that cause irritation commonly confused with an allergic reaction to eyelash extensions:


1. It can be the use of too much adhesive and it gets on the skin.

2. Irritation and itchy eye lids are commonly due to applying the lashes so they touch the skin and do not allow the natural eye lash to move freely. Even if the correct amount of eyelash adhesive is used, when lashes are applied to where they touch the skin, eyelash adhesive touches the skin too.

3. Eyelash Flares or clusters of lashes are used with clumps of black glue and attached to many natural eyelashes causing itching or pinching. When a natural eyelash tries to shed, it is unable due to being glued to several other intact lashes. A stye or infection can occur. It’s a very painful and very common issue. Many nail salons market flares as eyelash extensions at an inexpensive price but you can pay a serious price later on with unsightly styes and infection.

4. After having the lashes on for a bit they can get itchy from a build up of makeup, chemicals from cleansers and other cosmetics. Remember, eyelashes are a net that serves a purpose to protect your eyes. Eyelash extensions make that net more effective. A Qtip with warm water at the base of the eyelashes usually does the trick.
Now, if you are allergic to cosmetics, mascara or are usually very sensitive to products around your eye, let us know. We offer a patch test to test for allergies. We test two different adhesives on you. Most clients do not opt for the test and are fine but those of you who have a history of being hypersensitive, should ask for the test prior to full set application. You sensitive ladies, you know who you are. :-) It takes 3 days to see the results for the test, so keep that in mind if you desire individual eyelash extensions for a special event.

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Allergic reactions to eyelash extensions are very rare. If you have any eyelash extension procedure questions, you can email us. We are an eyelash spa located in Las Vegas.


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Eyelash extension technician, licensed aesthetician and lover of perfect permanent makeup. I am in Las Vegas and my life is all about providing the best beauty services and learning all I can about them!

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  • We offer patch testing and use several adhesives. Reactions are VERY rare and we have seen only a few. If you have ANY questions about eyelash extensions you can comment here or go to our main site and read more about us.


    book on line 24/7

    Las Vegas Metro – Henderson NV Eyelash Extensions call/text 702-614-6081

  • So I think that happens to me. I had got to this girl at a day spa on the strip in Las Vegas. It was expensive and the eyelash extensions were a good brand, I was told. I think the makeup artist that applied the lashes was inexperienced. I had irritation and it was itchy. The glue was on my skin and it sort of pinched from the get go. I thought I might be allergic eyelash extensions. I think now that she just put them on wrong because a lot of my eyelashes were all glued together. There were like three extensions glued at a time. I may try them out again but I will make sure it’s with someone who knows what they are doing.

  • I got eyelash extensions at a lash spa in Vegas off Rainbow. They burned right away. They hurt and felt hard. It hurt to even touch them. The owner said they would get softer. The extensions bothered me all day. When I woke up the next morning my eyes were puffy and red. It itches very badly. I tried to call the place I got them and no one answered the phone or returned my calls. I thought I had a reaction but I went to a different place to get them removed and the lash extension girl said that I had glue all over my eyelids. I could see a lot of glue like she said and me extensions were very very clumpy. I believe my livingsocial certificate for extensions at this place was a waste. I really got a bad eyelash job and I don’t believe it was an allergic reaction. After getting my clumpy glued up extensions off the new technician applied new extensions. She assured my that the glue all over my skin was the problem. I had no reaction. I was not allergic. Maybe I was allergic to the other glue but the new lashes felt flexible and didn’t irritate me. So maybe it was better glue or just a better eyelash extensionist . All I know is that I was fine after she put on a good set with no clumps and no glue all over my skin.

    • Where did you get your first set done? Was it Club Las Spa or Cherry Lash Lounge? Please do tell! I am having a ‘reaction’ and would like to know if it is from poor application by the same place?

  • I would love to learn more about learning how to do eyelash extensions. I see that you do classes in Las Vegas and Scottsdale. I am going to give you all a call as I just moved to Vegas and I am wanting to get Novalash certified as an eyelash extension artist.

  • I am in the middle of a severe allergic reaction to eyelash extensions as we speak. It was the first time I tried them. They have bveen applied properly and they looked gorgeous. The next day I woke up with swelling … one more day later, both my eyes were swollen shut.

    I had them removed this morning … I may try again; the beautician will use a different glue …

  • I had eyelash extensions for 6 months before my eyes turned red, my eyelids turned pink and swollen, and I got bags under my eyes from the swelling. Since I’d had them for so long I thought it must have been different glue or dirty instruments/hands, so I continued to go back. Then the very next time the same thing happened, only worse. Then I knew it was a reaction because the girl said everything was the same. I quit getting them for about 1 month and let my stubby eyelashes begin to grow back. But I had a weekend full of birthday and grad parties coming up so I broke down and had the extensions put on again. All was well for two days and then the itching, redness, and swelling began – just in time for the parties!! I looked like I hadn’t slept for days – awful. It lasted about 3 days and now they look almost normal again. I guess I can’t get extensions anymore. I will really miss them!!!!! But the swelling makes me look worse than I do with just short eyelashes.

  • i guess i am having an allergic reaction. eye lids are swollen and my eye are super red. I just don’t understand came I have been using them for 3 years and then all the sudden I am allergic. I have used the same girl who even was super careful not to glue to close to the lid cause she wants me a a client and I want her to do my lashes. iI just don’t know if I a doing something different. We are using the exact same glue and she rally takes her time and applies on lash per las not 3 on 1. I had a girl once so I know you have to find the right person. I just really love my lashes and would appreciate any help or guidance on what I can do?

    • All eyelash extension adhesives are not the same. When you go from person to person you risk a reaction to their product. When you find someone you like, stay with her! make sure you keep track of the name brand and product information in case you have to change technicians.

  • I have been wearing extreme lashes for over 2 years for the pass 2 times I got a fill in hours later my eyelid started to swell n couldn’t open my eyes for 2 days didn’t think it was from the lashes but after the second time I got the same reaction and I had to let them fall out. Is there away for me to know why this is happening to me??

    • It may be a different adhesive. Did your technician change the glue? Did she rinse here tweezers ect after soaking them in disinfectant? Sometimes it isn’t the lashes or adhesive but the chemicals in the sanitation soaking solution. These solutions are harsh and many people are sensitive to the chemicals. When the technicians tools are not rinsed after soaking and left to air dry, it can cause a reaction. It may be an allergic reaction but it does seem strange that you have been wearing eyelash extensions for two years and just now you are having issues.

  • That’s exactly my point I’m going tomorrow to try a new stylist so wish me luck

  • I am in the middle of a reaction right now, similar to what the above posters have said – for the last few days when I wake up my eye lids feel glued together, my upper lid is super swollen, and I have multiple bags under my eyes. This is the second time I’ve had a reaction, the first time was the same as this and I had to have the lashes taken off after 4 days with no change in my reaction, this time I tried a different place, told her about my last experience, she said it sounded like glue on my lids and she said she was very, very careful to glue the lashes one at a time onto my individual lashes, and that her products have no formaldahide (sp) in them – so what happened this time, what do you think I might be reacting to? More importantly, can I do anything to stop my reaction so I can keep the lashes on? They are so pretty! I’ve tried allergy medicine, Advil, argan oil – these things help slightly but the reaction isn’t going away. I even have the crusty stuff appearing about an hour after I clean off the previous crusty stuff with a Q-tip and argan oil, this is throughout the day. Luckily I will have the weekend to recover, hope the swelling goes down by Monday! Any ideas? Of course the girl said she’s never had anyone have a reaction to her lashes, just as the girl before her, who said the same thing!! Thx so much for any help you can offer.

    • If you ever had a reaction you avoid lashes period. It sounds you are the very small percentage that can’t do lashes. Im so sorry!

  • This is my experience:
    First set – Everything looks good – AWESOME in fact
    2 weeks later – refill – everything still good WONDERFUL
    2 weeks later – more refills – everything looks good!
    3 weeks later – we decided to piggyback the lashes and go thicker. After about a week I could not take the pain and had them removed. Swollen eyes, crusty gunk, couldn’t sleep – MISERABLE.
    We take them off – i get RX Eye drops and clatin
    2 weeks later after letting them breath we put a full set.
    Yes, piggybacking as well. From what I understand my right eye had more natural lashes so I ended up with a bit more false on this side.
    6 hours later – 3am – i find myself grabbing baby oil, mirror, and a steaming hot shower ripping them off!
    I had another reaction. – WORSE this time. I am right now typing with one eye almost swollen shut. , the right eye that more put on is coincidentally much worse.
    I can’t go to work, it is painful and eye boogers keep coming out, if not that they are itchy or feel like there is a stick in there or so watery that i cannot see for a couple of min, my sinuses are all jacked up now as a result.
    Same esty did the extensions every single time. Same brand, swame glue, same same same – except putting on more than normal.The first time they went bad we thought it was because we decided to dye the lashes, we did not dye them this last time.
    i LOVE these extensions, I am a model so they mean a lot to me, but I am done with extensions.I missed a photo shoot today because my eyes are angry.
    Messing with your eyes is bs. For about 10 min I thought I was blind and then when I could see I honestly never felt more grateful to have my eyesight. I can still barley see anything right now 12 hours later.
    This is your vision, don;t play with it. If you INSIST on still getting them,maybe you are going on a photo shoot / holiday, etc.- I would advise you to do it at least 5 days before you want to show them off. That is how long the first reaction took to look happy again. I am freaking out that I may not be able to work for another week!
    My esty would like me to try again in a month with a glue for sensitive people. I’ll think about it

    • First and most importantly…. I am not a doctor so I can not diagnose or treat medical problems.

      FACT: Cyanoacrylate is the number one ingredient in adhesive for eyelash extensions. It is what makes the glue adhere.

      It is what causes sensitively in MOST cases that I have seen. In the so called “sensitive adhesives” they use less but it is still there and there is less bonding. If you are allergic you are just allergic! You should avoid extensions indefinitely. Your reaction is not going to get better but worse. Sometimes an allergy is mild and gets worse with more contact with the allergen.

      It is so incredibly rare that we see an allergic reaction but it can happen! Unfortunately many technicians are not aware of how allergies work and buy into the hype of the eyelash extension glue manufacturers. They think that a “sensitive glue” or a fume free adhesive will be the savior but it is basically the same glue. According to the MSDS sheets I have demanded on all the adhesives I’ve ordered, they are all the same! In my experience, the 30+ glues I have researched are 95% the same. Granted, a tiny bit of latex was in a couple of poorly adhering glues but in general they are so simular. It is just a tiny difference in percentages of the basic ingredients that differentiate one from the other.

      So in closing…. you are most likely not a candidate for eyelash extensions.


  • I am having an extreme reaction to my extensions. I’ve taken Benadryl and nothing is helping. Eyes swollen nearly shut along with respiratory issues. Is there anything a physician can do other than Benadryl? It is Sunday so I can’t go get the lashes removed at the salon…

  • I’ve I had lashes since Thanksgiving, 3 weeks ago noticed irritation and then Thursday had them filled and now my eyes are swollen and itchy…called the salon and yes a different glue was used and was told to take Benadryl which I did to no relief, just now took them off with baby oil. Still hurt and my eyes are extremely painful! Hope the swelling goes down…,and I’m extremely disappointed,

    • Well, you should have had them soaked off immediately. Home removals typically damage lashes. I’m sorry she suggested OTC antihistamine instead of removing them promptly.

  • I am a certified lash technician and esthetician in Washington. I have been wearing a doing lash extensions for years. In the past year, I have had more clients allergic to extensions, myself included, then I ever have had. I have tried everything from curing them on the spot with a nebulizer and water to doing them in intervals to allow for less fumes but to no avail. I do not know if anything has changed with the glue manufacturing or our own sensitivities but it is quite bizarre to have so many allergic reactions when before it was almost unheard of. I know allergies occur after being exposed to the allergen, they are not something we are born with, so maybe we are becoming hypersensitzed due to chemicals and hormones all around us. It is such a sad reality for me and many others that eyelash extensions are no longer for us!

    • I am very sorry to hear about your clients and your reactions to your adhesive. We have have seen less allergic reactions than ever. I haven’t seen one in my spa in maybe over a year. Perhaps you should change brands.

      As far as curing allergic reactions goes…. there is no cure. The lashes and adhesive must be removed immediately. There is no other option.


    • Also…. you mentioned fumes? You really should change adhesives.

  • what ive found is that if you get the more expensive, single lashes, there’s no or little reaction. but if you get the cheap lashes, you get the irritation, under eye swelling, feels like pricks in your eyes (the lashes), just awful. avoid the cheap ones. sadly thats all i can afford. so, mascara only.

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